How to care for glass tile backsplash

Surprisingly, glass tiles are very popular for kitchen and bathroom backsplash designs due to their versatility, durability, and easy maintenance. Glass does not disfigure or scratch easily contrary to common perceptions and therefore is a very suitable material for the regularly utilized spaces. This however does not mean you should use highly abrasive materials or exert severe pressure, as this will damage even the toughest of materials. Taking proper care of the tiles is therefore important, as this will help ensure that they last for long and in a perfect condition.

The tiles do not require much special attention and materials to clean and you can easily achieve a sparkling look by using a simple soft cloth, water and some soap. It is important to avoid abrasive fabrics and cleaners and instead employ the use of sponges and other ordinary multi-use kitchen cleaners. This helps in retaining your tiles in their natural color while at the same time preventing scratches, which might mess up with your mosaic. Keeping the tiles shining is fortunately easy and you can do it by following the guidelines given below:

  • Mix some water and soap in a spray bottle. You can also mix water and vinegar if you like as this is good in killing bacteria that could easily grow in damp places like on the backsplash and also allow vinegar to break soap scum and hard water buildups.
  • Saturate the backsplash with the mixture by spraying it evenly. Once this is done, use a soft bristle brush or sponge to clean the grout.
  • Splash clean water on the glass tiles backsplash to rinse them well and then wipe with a dry and clean soft piece of cloth. This will help avoid any streaks or water spots.

It is that simple to clean and maintain and does not give you headache and this is what has made glass tiles a favorite for many people in backsplash installation. With these few steps, you enjoy a truly appealing focal point in your room as you also enhance the functionality of your kitchen. Always remember, choosing the right kind of glass tiles will guarantee you a highly appealing kitchen backsplash and a harmonious blend with other choice installations.

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